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What are Swarovski® crystal pearls?

Many people are familiar with the brand of Swarovski®, it is now a household name for many reasons, in particular for figurines and jewellery.  Some of our most popular designs are made with Swarovski® crystal pearls and, just like you can find information regarding the crystals on our website, we wanted customers to easily access information about these wonderful pearl creations too.  

Here is a snippet of how Swarovski® describe their pearl innovation:

"CRYSTAL Pearls are a perfect replica of genuine pearls: They are similar in weight and behaviour, adjust to the temperature of the skin and are resistant to rubbing, scratching, perfume, perspiration and UV light. Above all, they are the first pearls in the world with a crystal core and an innovative, silky smooth pearl coating. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and in an extensive colour range.”

Of course no one knows their creation better than the company itself but it is amazing how accurate this description really is.  For example, have you ever wanted some pearl jewellery for a one off occasion to match an outfit? You may not have wanted to spend the earth and bought a pearl imitation since it suited your needs and tastes.  You may have noticed how light they felt and how they felt to the touch?  An amazing aspect of the Swarovski® pearls is how remarkably real they feel, that is, they feel so much like real pearls.  Not only that, they look like real pearls in their finish and lustre.  

Natural and cultured pearls are often matched for their similarities before being strung together for sale.  However, Swarovski® crystal pearls are so incredibly uniform and identical that the hassle of this is no longer.  You get perfect pearls for each and every pearl which is a real plus in creating a piece of jewellery since there are no flaws, which are more apparent with pearls due to their shape and finish. 

Swarovski® crystal pearls are not simply imitation pearls.  As you would expect from a company with a reputation for prestige and innovation, these pearls are special in their own right.  They have a unique crystal inner core with special pearl coatings which adds to the overall luxury of these pearls and perhaps has a lot to do with their realistic feel.

With cultured or natural pearls, we are limited by nature regarding the finish, colour and shape of the pearls.  Although many of the colours Swarovski® offer in their pearl selection remain very true to their natural counterparts, Swarovski® pearls also offer delectable colours and finishes which are on trend and generally just totally gorgeous.  In other words, they have been able to add their own flare to something once only worn by royalty and aristocracy due to their high cost and links to social status.  

Swarovski® pearls remain true to tradition with colours such as cream, pink, white and silver but have also broadened the appeal of pearls through ranges such as their neon and pastel ranges and brought the pearl right into the world of on trend fashion with top designer Jean Paul Gaultier designing a pearl colour and finish exclusively for Swarovski®, Scarabaeus Green.  

There is something for everyone in their range including around 50 different colours and finishes plus a variety of shapes, including round and baroque, which is great news if you want something traditional, such as for a wedding or christening, and perfect if you want something in a nice pastel finish to match a spring outfit or something bright and stunning to stand out from the crowd.  Whatever your tastes, now, there is a pearl for that! 

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