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Swarovski Crystal and Jet Black Bicone Bracelet

£ 16.99
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Swarovski Crystal and Jet Black Bicone Bracelet

This striking bracelet is handcrafted with 8mm Swarovski® bicone crystals in Jet black and Crystal, which is clear in colour.

The colour referred to as Crystal is Swarovski® crystal in its purest form. With no colour or special coating, the eye can appreciate the effect of the light passing through the crystal lighting up the numerous facets along the face of the crystal.

The jet black crystals have a slightly different feature and due to their opaque colour the light is reflected to reveal the numerous facets which make up the crystal, giving a slightly different effect.

Between the crystal are tiny silver lined seed beads by Japanese manufacturer Miyuki, who are world renowned for their quality. 

Size: Approximately 18cm. 

The bracelet is handcrafted on a stretch cord material which allows for some versatility in the size.  This material also allows the wearer to roll the bracelet on and off the wrist with ease and is perfect for those who struggle with a clasp.

This item comes complete with an organza gift pouch

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