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November - Topaz

The traditional birthstone for the month of November is topaz, derived from an ancient word meaning fire, it is therefore a warm and sunny colour which some believe may represent the changing colour of the leaves before they fall, or perhaps it is to brighten and warm up the chilly weather at that time of year.

Topaz has historically been believed to help increase the mental strength and wisdom of the wearer. It has also been said to attract things such as good friends, and good fortunes such as gold, especially when set in gold. Therefore topaz appears to have many alluring qualities.

Topaz in its purest form can appear clear in colour and when cut well has often been mistaken for diamond. Topaz is also a gemstone that appears in several colours, most commonly yellow or light blue, but also including, brown light green and pink.The most sought after and rarest of all the natural topaz is ImperialTopaz, which has red and orange overtones


Throughout the middle ages, topaz was used to describe any yellow stone, including chrystolite, and so references to topaz historically can be difficult to define accurately as the topaz we know and love today.

Swarovski® has a wide range of colours adorning its range of crystals and the equivalent colour representing the month of November is also called Topaz.  This colour by Swarovski® probably most closely resembles that of the Imperial topaz with its orange and red overtones and richness and depth of colour. 

Swarovski Crystal Topaz Birthstone for November