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Necklaces with Swarovski Pearls

Pearls are classic and timeless and often associated with a sense of luxury.  Swarovski® have combined their own reputation for quality with the classic pearl to create their own unique pearl which are a perfect replica of genuine pearls.  They are similar in weight and behaviour, adjust to the temperature of the skin and are resistant to rubbing, scratching, perfume, perspiration and UV light.  Above all, they are the first pearls in the world with a crystal core and innovative, silky smooth pearl coating.  Swarovski® crystal pearls are available in many colours you might expect from other types of pearls, perhaps the most popular being the classic cream.  However, there are many colours available which are useful if you would like to match your jewellery to an outfit or if you simply have a favourite colour.  Swarovski® have also brought this more traditional or formal jewellery and given it a modern and relaxed twist by introducing neon colours, such as neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow and neon green giving designs a fun and playful feel.

We have a stunning range of pearl necklaces handmade with Swarovski® crystal pearls. 
Our pearl necklaces, such as our handmade with Swarovski® crystal pearl and sparkle rondelle options, are a perfect and popular option for occasion wear or at times when you want your jewellery to feel that extra bit special.  Our pearl necklaces are designed and handcrafted only with Swarovski® crystal pearls and are a fantastic and beautiful choice for brides and wedding parties and also for guests to match their outfits