The Crystal Cove

Necklaces with Swarovski Heart Crystals

We offer a lovely selection of pendants and necklaces handmade with beautiful Swarovski® heart crystals.
Swarovski® heart crystals are simple yet elegant and incredibly popular partly due to the wide and lovely array of colours, such as Heliotrope Blue, Golden Shadow, Crystal AB, Clear, to name a few, but also because a heart can symbolise so many things and whether you are giving a gift to show sentimentality or romance or simply as the crystals are so pretty, this message will no doubt be received by the recipient.  Hearts are a traditional and popular gift for St Valentine's Day as a display of love and are also popular gifts for Mother's Day to show your mum how much she means to you.  Swarovski® heart crystals are a wonderful birthday gift as many colours, such as Amethyst and Peridot represent traditional birthstones and so not only show your affection for the person but have deeper meaning also.