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May - Emerald

In stark contrast to the birthstone representing the previous month of April, the gemstone representing the month of May is Emerald, a stunning deep green colour.  

The rarest and therefore the most valuable emeralds are a rich, deep colour green.  The colour of the emerald can depend on how it is cut by a professional.  

Those who use gemstones for healing believe emerald to be a stone of the heart and promotes friendship and unconditional love whilst also being used to promote eye and digestive health.  

Many discussions of emeralds and ancient times will have links to Cleopatra herself.  It is said that she adored emeralds although it has since been stated that at least some of the stones were in fact peridot mistaken for being emeralds.  However, the connection to emeralds does not end there.  There are also the famous Cleopatra emerald mines which were thought to be mined at around 2000 BC.  The Spanish later discovered Emeralds in Columbia in the 1500’s. 

Emerald is most commonly associated as being found in Colombia and is also found in other locations such as Brazil, South Africa, Zambia, Afghanistan, Madagascar, India and Pakistan.  

There are some rare finds that may prove exceptions, however, gemstone quality emeralds are very rare and therefore command a higher value than diamonds.