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March - Aquamarine

The word aquamarine derives from the Latin word meaning sea water.

Aquamarine is comprised of the blue/green version of the mineral beryl, which gets its colour from its iron content. Interestingly,beryl can take on many colours and is also present in the gemstone emerald. The colour spectrum of aquamarine is relatively narrow with colours ranging from very pale blue to mixtures of blue/green with the paler variety being more common. The most valuable form of aquamarine is a deeper blue and paler stones are sometimes heat treated in order to emulate this natural colour of the more expensive variety.

The clarity of aquamarine is important with the best stones having no flaws visible to the naked eye. The facets of aquamarine are usually carefully considered in order to emphasise the clarity, or crystal, of the stone with a princess cut being a very popular choice.

Aquamarine is known as a stone of courage and clear communication so is a great choice to be worn when these characteristics and skills are of greater significance, in addition to its simplistic beauty when added to items of jewellery. Perhaps it is these properties that make it a great stone for those in business at times when they wish to close a deal or for those during litigation.

With itsconnections to the sea, it is said that aquamarine was once thought to protectsailors whilst out at sea from the perils they faced.

Just like many other precious and semi-precious gemstones, aquamarine has a history dating back to ancient times and appears to have had much connection with curing ailments. In ancient times, aquamarine was used as an antidote to poison and it has also been said that throughout history, powders containing aquamarine have been used to treat a wide range of ailments.

Brazil has the greatest abundance of aquamarine anywhere in the world, with one mine in particular producing more than any other and, where in 1910, the biggest recorded aquamarine was found weighing an amazing 110kgs. Although a major world supplier, aquamarine can be found in many locations throughout the world where there are mountain ranges, such as the United States, Malawi, Central Madagascar and Pakistan.