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June - Pearl

June Birthstone – Pearl

The pearl has long been considered a symbol of purity, perhaps due to the common colour being a white or cream and also because they can be formed by nature. 

The lovely pearl is another semi precious gemstone that dates back to ancient times.

The pearl is thought to also be a symbol of faithfulness, loyalty and friendship and this complements the belief of the Ancient Greeks, who were thought to believe that pearls were formed when the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess of love, shed tears of joy and these qualities are all ideal in a loving relationship.

The Romans wore pearls as a symbol of their wealth.  In a way, this can still be seen in society today since the most expensive pearls can be out of reach of many individuals.  Pearls also still have that sophistication that those in upper classes of society were presumed to have and this is another aspect we can see today with pearls being a popular choice the world over with Royals and aristocracy.  

There are many types of pearl, such as Akoya, South Sea, Saltwater and Freshwater to name just a few and each have their own alluring qualities.  South Sea pearls are the most expensive and sought after pearls, they are larger with a distinctive lustre which stands them apart from all others.  They come in white and golden colours.  Freshwater pearls are perhaps the most abundant type of pearl and are available in such a wide variety of colours.  Colours of pearls which are either cultured or natural tend to be of the more natural variety, such as creams, white, pink, gold but also range from colours such as blue, green and black hinting at another reason the pearl is such a popular choice in the jewellery industry.

Pearls are found in various areas of the world such as French Polynesia, Australia, Japan, China, Europe and the Gulf of California and the beauty of this is that the pearls vary depending on where they are found or cultivated, which adds an extra layer of meaning to each variety of pearl since their location makes them are distinctive.  

Those born in the month of June can be spoilt for choice for not only colour but also their birthstone can be worn depending on the budget they wish to spend since the quality and price of pearls varies widely depending on the variety chosen.