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January - Garnet

As well as being the birthstone representing the month of January, garnet is also the gemstone to celebrate the second year of marriage.

Garnet is said to be worn as a protective stone and is thought to be particularly powerful as protection when travelling. It is also thought to help increase positive thoughts and when placed under a pillow to ward off bad dreams and nightmares.

Garnet also has links to success for executives in business matters.

Garnet can be found as far back as the Bronze Age and was also documented in various stages of history and cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and ancient Romans and is believed to be one of the stones on the breastplate of the high priest of Jerusalem.

The name garnet is derived from the Latin name Granatum, a pomegranate, because of the resemblance the granular varieties of Garnet bear to the seeds of the fruit.

We most commonly know Garnet for its very deep red colour, in some lights there are even hints of black undertones. However, garnet is actually a term for a collective group of closely related minerals with unique mineral content but the term garnet has been coined for the most popular or most widely used within jewellery, pyrope garnet. Other minerals within the collective group include almandine, andratite, hessonite and tsavorite with colours ranging from yellow, green, black, orange and brown, with the green demantoid variety being possibly the most rare and valuable.