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Garnet January Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Memory Locket Charm

£ 3.00
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Garnet January Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Memory Locket CharmThis gorgeous memory locket charm by Lavish Lockets is a machine cut cubic zirconia stone to represent Garnet, the birthstone for the month of January.

A birthstone charm is a great way to not only celebrate your own birthstone but those of others too, such as representing different members of your family in your memory locket

Garnet traditionally has a lovely deep red colour and is said to be a stone of protection when travelling and warding off nightmares as well as success in business.  Find out more about garnet by reading our garnet information page.

The cubic zirconia is AAA grade and machine cut to allow for precision cut facets which allow a lovely sparkle as the light shines on it  

Stone size: 4 x 4mm

Please note this stone is cubic zirconia and a representation of the garnet gemstone