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Forever Together Remembrance Jewellery

Have you ever had one of those moments when you find out something and think "I wish I had known this when…”  This happened to me when I discovered the company Forever Together.  I remember looking at all the different remembrance ranges they carry, such as their pendants and ashes charms to place inside memory lockets, and feeling quite in awe of how beautiful they were making something so incredibly precious.  I also remember that slight tinge of sadness that I had not found this company sooner.  My family had suffered loss a couple of years previously and I felt a disappointment that I had not had this opportunity at that time.  

I discovered Forever Together as a stockist for their sister company Lavish Lockets, who are award winning suppliers of, what I believe, to be the best quality affordable memory lockets available.  What makes this company a bit special is the way they approach the entire process of remembrance and cremation jewellery from start to finish.  The company was founded out of personal loss and so those who run the company have a first hand experience of loss and a caring attitude to how their customers may be feeling at a difficult time.  

The entire process is explained from how to order jewellery to how it is made.  Due to the sensitive nature of the jewellery being created, Forever Together explain the very important questions people may have, such as how ashes of beloved loved ones are used and stored.  There is a vast amount of respect and understanding in the handling of loved ones’ ashes that reveals the caring side of this company.  The empathy they have for their customers’ situations definitely sets them apart. 

Forever Together incorporate their expertise in the area of memory lockets and add another dimension to the special nature these pieces of remembrance jewellery can have.  As an example, you can have a charm created that fits perfectly inside your memory locket and in addition to this they can create an engraved backplate to accompany the charm inside the locket to create the most sentimental and memorable piece.  

Their expertise is cremation and remembrance jewellery combines with their general jewellery expertise to create all sorts of unique pieces that can suit any taste. 

What makes their jewellery appealing is not only the sentimental side but the fact that the pieces are so attractive that you want to wear them for this reason also.  They offer such a variety of jewellery including what you might expect, such as earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants with many style and colour options.

The popularity of the brand is continuously increasing as their reputation grows which is testament to their products and values.  The type of jewellery offered by Forever Together can be an ideal way for many to celebrate a loved one and deal with the loss.

You can view their exquisite range of remembrance jewellery on their website and the friendly them always welcome enquiries

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