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December - Turquoise

Turquoise is thought to be one of the oldest known gemstones and derives from the French phrase Pierre Torques meaning Turkish Stone. Popular within Native American cultures for its strong healing powers, turquoise was even used as a decorative gem by the Ancient Egyptians who recognised its beauty within jewellery. Tibetan turquoise is held in very high regard within Tibetan culture for being a powerful healing stone as well as being very important for its spiritualpowers. Turquoise is thought to be a protecting stone, once given to protect from falls, and is closely associated with bringing good luck and fortune.

Turquoise can vary in colour from various shades of blue to green and a yellow. Some natural turquoise can be solid in colour whilst other stones may have inclusions of rock running through them, known as the matrix. These mottled or veined stones are thought by some to be less desirable, with more blue and solid being the most desirable. Turquoise is generally a more dull and porous semi precious gemstone and due to its composition, is often dyed to create a more desirable colour or coated or infused to make it shine more. These additions can often wear off over time making the purchase of turquoise a little tricky. This makes choosing a Swarovski® turquoise crystal a wonderful option to represent the gemstone since the crystal is similar to that of the more sought after solid blue colour turquoise. The list according to The American National Association of Jewelers lists two further birthstones for the month ofDecember, Blue Topaz and Zircon and it is the Zircon which is represented in the Swarovski® crystal chart. More recently The American Gem Trade Association added Tanzanite to the list of birthstones representing December. We have based our December birthstone on the British birthstone list defined by The National Association of Goldsmiths (now the NJA) and so have listed the Swarovski® colour turquoise to represent December and we have also included what is widely adopted as the official Swarovski® birthstone colour chart which lists Blue Zircon for December.