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Brand New Referral Scheme

Brand New Referral SchemeBrand new referral scheme

As an online business it can be difficult to forge personal relationships with customers since we are not face to face, we don't have the small talk or conversations which can lead to that personal relationship so easily.  However, we do enjoy a really good relationship with our customers and i like to think this is due to the more personal approach we take to our business.  For example, our email enquiries are carefully read and responded to personally rather than speed reading and giving a generic response (which personally drives me crazy).  We also get to know our customers based on our interaction through our design service which usually leads to exchanges on more friendly and personal terms than some companies.  This is what bridges that gap between having a physical store and being an online store for us and it brings us more joy than simply creating the jewellery and posting it to its new home. We often get to know that someone isn't just ordering a pearl jewellery set but that it is for their bridesmaids at their wedding this summer or that the heart pendant is actually a present for their daughter's special milestone birthday.  These are what makes doing what we do all the more special.   

To make shopping with us even more rewarding, we have launched a referral scheme which does what it says, you refer a friend and when they make a qualifying purchase you get a discount off your next order.  It is simple but makes shopping with us even more fun as you get something back plus can help a friend out by introducing them to our site and getting them money off!  (Making you a GREAT friend, wink wink!) 

Since we are pretty excited at this new feature, we thought we would sweeten the deal and for a special introductory period there will be no minimum purchase for you or your friend in order to get the discount.  Not only that but you will be able to combine 2 referral discounts and get 20% discount off your next purchase.

We know that word of mouth is important and we do benefit from happy customers telling their friends and so we wanted to give a little thanks for spreading the word

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