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Brand New Memory Locket Range!

I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful memory locket last year, it was a gorgeous and sentimental piece of jewellery I didn’t even know I wanted!  This was actually one of the most amazing things about this gift, that I had never really seen one before, that I was not expecting it and couldn’t believe how much sentiment can be placed inside one memory locket.  

Our family is split over both sides of the Atlantic and we do miss each other, to which I am sure many of you reading this can relate.  

When I looked at the contents of the locket, everyone was represented in some way, with some charms representing more than one person.  In my case several of them were birthstones plus some charms to represent family in general.  Some family members are no longer with us, making this all the more poignant in meaning.  Not only do I hold close to my heart those living in another part of the world but I can also hold those no longer with us too.  

There are many ways in which a piece of jewellery can have a powerful meaning to us, such as inheriting a piece and cherishing it or perhaps a special gift from someone who cares for you.  This locket was more of a direct and visual statement making an instant impact in much the same way as my sister who feels a strong attachment to our Grandmother’s engagement ring, which she wears daily as a way of keeping her close in her thoughts.  (You can see beautiful pictures of this ring in our diamond ring blog post

I personally wear my locket quite a lot.  I also have a beautiful silver chain which I wear daily (yes it is a Crystal Cove item!) and so I wear them both which looks very much like a stacking necklace since I wear my locket on a lovely 32 inch chain.        large silver diamante lavish lockets memory locket

I wanted to be able to source such items for my customers for them to be able to give and receive such thoughtful gifts, however, I found so many terrible quality items that I began to think the quality just wasn’t out there.  Yes there were cheap options but they were awful.  This was when I discovered a fantastic company called Lavish Lockets and I soon built up a good relationship with the owner and was so impressed when I received their items.  The quality far exceeded what I had been looking for, and believe me I scrutinise everything when it comes to our products and pretty much expect perfection.  The idea was to repay the favour to the person who had originally given me the gift of my own memory locket.

Lavish Lockets started with a very similar experience, an inability to find the best quality items that don’t cost the earth.  They have not cut any corners with the manufacturing methods, with only the most effective methods and best quality materials used. Their belief that quality should be affordable fits with our own ideals.  Also, both being small family companies, we are both able to serve our customers in a more personal way, ensuring they get just the right piece for them.  And so a partnership was formed.  We are very proud to bring you such a quality and responsible brand to The Crystal Cove and I hope that many of you get the wonderful experience I had of receiving such a meaningful and stunning memory locket 

Why not have a look at our range of lockets, charms and chains and create your perfect memory locket

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