The Crystal Cove

All Necklaces with Swarovski Crystals

We have a large range of necklaces and pendants available, all handcrafted with Swarovski® crystal s and  925 sterling silver components, such as clasps and chains, so you are getting handmade luxury.  Our pendants with chains are incredibly popular due to the many colours, sizes and varieties of crystals available, such as the classic Crystal AB heart and Golden Shadow Baroque or the more unusual yet striking Bermuda Blue Galactic, and the ability and convenience to swap the pendant on your chain depending on your mood, outfit or the occasion. 

Our necklaces, such as those created with Swarovski® crystal pearls and sparkle rondelle options, offer you a totally different style and are a perfect and popular option for occasion wear or at times when you want your jewellery to feel that extra bit special.  Our pearl necklaces are handmade using only Swarovski® crystal pearls are a fantastic and beautiful choice for brides and wedding parties and also for guests to match their outfits.