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Caring for Silver

Caring for sterling silver

How to care for your silver jewellery after you have bought it is important to keeping it looking as wonderful as they day you received it.  Over time silver does naturally react to various aspects of our environment and may begin to tarnish but there are steps you can take to keep your jewellery looking its best.  

What is sterling silver?

Pure silver, or silver with a 99.9% silver content, is a very soft metal and so is generally too soft to produce lasting jewellery pieces. This is where sterling silver, or 925 silver, really comes into its forte. Sterling silver is 925 parts per 1000 (92.5%) silver mixed with 75 parts per 1000 (7.5%) alloy metal. Mixing the silver with an alloy metal such as copper means that the silver becomes hard enough to create wonderful jewellery whilst maintaining the properties of silver, such as the shine and colour in jewellery that can be made to last.

Wearing your sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery does tarnish over time, this is not a manufacturing fault or sign of counterfeit products but due to a process called oxidisation which is the process by which the silver becomes darker in colour. Factors such as silver coming into contact with perfumes, cosmetics, skin creams, salt water and other chemicals such as ammonia and bleach can cause this process to happen faster. Therefore we do not recommend wearing your silver jewellery to bed or when bathing or swimming.

The best way to slow down the oxidisation process is to wear and enjoy your silver jewellery as this slows down the oxidisation with the air

How to store your sterling silver jewellery

Since contact with the air can speed up the tarnishing process, we recommend storing your silver jewellery in a cool, dry place away from any humidity and sunlight, such as a lined jewellery box.

Sterling silver is a soft metal which can scratch easily if stored with other pieces of jewellery and so we recommend storing your jewellery items separately to avoid scratching or damages.

Cleaning your sterling silver jewellery

You can clean your sterling silver jewellery with warm soapy water being careful not to soak or submerge the item and pat dry carefully with a soft cloth. We recommend being extremely careful when caring for items with stones so that the stones do not become loose and to also take great care not to bend or distort claw settings when cleaning

Also a soft jewellery cleaning cloth can help remove light tarnish or prevent tarnish as these silver cleaning cloths are treated with a specific agent to help clean your silver jewellery.