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free swarovski design service

Free Swarovski® design service

We offer a free design service by which you can get advice on choosing the correct size, colour and shape crystals for your final piece of jewellery.  Simply get in touch with us and we can help create your perfect jewellery

swarovski crystal colour charts

Swarovski® crystal colour charts

The array of colours and shades as well as effects that Swarovski® offers are breathtaking and allow for full artistic expression.  You can look through the most up to date colour charts and find your favourites!

About Swarovski®

Ever wondered how a world famous and admired company like Swarovski® gets started? Read about the history of the company and some of it's milestone achievements throughout the years

gemstone and birthstone information

Gemstone and birthstone information

Here you can read more about the gemstones which are used to represent each month of the year and find out about why we wear them and what they represent